Teaching Assistants (TAs)

How to handle the hiring process

In April or October (depending on the semester) the Course Manning Coordinators will send out an e-mail where they will announce that the job postings for TAs for the upcoming semester are available online. They will encourage you as a Course Manager to contact any students that you might want to hire as TAs and ask them to apply.

When the deadline for the positions is over, you will receive an e-mail from the Personnel Department with instructions on how to review the applications you have received on your course in HR Manager (the ITU HR it-system) and how to proceed with assessing the candidates.
OBS: You need to prioritize all the applicants to your course and send the prioritized list of candidates to the Course Manning Coordinators’ Office - using the web form, according to our e-mail.

You have approximately two weeks for this work. Concrete deadlines will be announced in the e-mail.

What if there are no (qualified) applicants to your course

If no one (qualified) has applied for a TA position on your course, you as a Course Manager are responsible for finding your own TAs. You can request assistance to get in contact with previous students of the course from your Programme Coordinator in SAP. You have to be aware of the conditions that students have to fulfil (see below). Send the name and e-mail address of the TA candidates to the Course Manning Coordinators´ office - according to our e-mail..

Important practical details

For a student to become a teaching assistant the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The person has to have completed 2 years of study at a Higher Education institution or equal.
  • The person has to be study active (has to have passed 7,5 ECTS within the last 2 semesters).
  • The person has to be enrolled as a student at ITU or another Higher Education Institution, i.e. must be able to show a valid student card.
  • The student cannot be enrolled as a student on the course that they are hired as a TA for.

If your candidates have finished their M.Sc. degree, they´ll be hired as Assistant Lecturers. The terms for these are slightly different than regular TAs, meaning a higher salary and therefore fewer hours assigned. Being hired as an Assistant Lecturers also require the Course Manager to fill out an academic assessment of the candidate.

Your course will be assigned the number of TAs as per request of the Head of Programme, subject to Management approval.

Please respect the deadlines of the TA process. If we don´t hear back from you in time for the deadline, you cannot expect any TA hires for your course the coming semester. Deadlines apply whether there are applicants to your course or not.

If a course does not have an assigned Course Manager, the TA hiring is the responsibility of the Head of Programme.

What happens after you have handed in your prioritized list?

Registering hirings: When the deadline is up, the Course Manning Coordinators will register all the hirings and get in contact with you if there are any questions or problems. This takes approximately 2 weeks. At the end of the registration a list will be sent out to all Course Managers with an overview of all the hirings. This is the time when you can get in contact with your candidates and let them know that they will receive a contract offer.

Issuing contracts: After that, the Personnel Department will start to issue the contracts. Expect this to take several weeks, possibly more, as there are many contracts and several of them need special assessments and approvals, etc. Please remind your TAs to send the signed contract back to us asap!

Registration of TAs in the IT systems: Approximately two weeks prior to semester start, the TAs who have sent back a signed contract will be registered in the IT systems, including LearnIT. You cannot expect your TAs to be in LearnIT prior to this. Should your TA not be in LearnIT at this time, as a first step please check with your TA that he/she has sent back a signed contract!


Questions regarding the TA process, please contact the Course Manning Coordinators’ Office (coursemanning@itu.dk).

Questions regarding the functionalities of the HR Manager system, please contact Natali Moesgaard Jensen in the Personnel Department (natj@itu.dk).