What are Mandatory Activities?

Mandatory activities are assignments, presentations etc., which students must complete in order to be eligible for the exam. Note that the mandatory activities are not graded.

Mandatory activities are not and can never be a part of the exam!

If a course has mandatory activities, it must appear from the course description before the students enrol.
Prior to enrolment, students must know that passing mandatory activities is a prerequisite for partaking in the final exam.

Principles for Mandatory Activities

The Board of Study ITU has decided on the following overall principles for mandatory activities:

1. It MUST be transparent to the students if their mandatory work is passed or not.
2. It MUST be communicated timely if it is passed or not.
3. It is strongly recommended that there is a possibility for a “second attempt” at the mandatory activities before the final exam.
4. There need to be a pedagogical reason to have the mandatory activity.

Form Field for Mandatory Activities

Your text about mandatory activities has to be placed in the designated form field in the course base:
obl akt.PNG
If your course does not have any mandatory activities the default text (as shown above) will be visible.

Description of Mandatory Activities

It is important that all information about requirements for all mandatory activities is clearly described in the course base

You can use this template for describing the requirements:



e.g. Hand-in of 9 out of 11 assignments, playing a game, making af presentation etc.

will there be feedback?


What if the student fails to pass a mandatory activity
(e.g. submission the following week)

Mandatory activities or exercises have been used in several existing courses and you may thus find descriptions of these in the existing texts.

You are very welcome to edit these descriptions – and to drop the mandatory activities if you no longer wish to use them.
You are also welcome to introduce mandatory activities to your course. But please remember that you may need to coordinate submission dates for mandatory activities with other course managers of courses that students are expected to follow simultaneously.

With regards to the course base, the important thing is that mandatory activities are duly announced and described in order to be enforced.

Submission and Deadlines

In case the mandatory activity is an assignment, the students must submit directly to you (e.g. in learnIT) – and it is you who set the formal rules with regards to format, number of activities, submission deadline(s) etc.

If a student does not pass the mandatory activity, the exam protocol must be marked with “NA” (not approved). The exam office will receive the exam record
after the exam is held as usual and record grades, absentees and NA’s, which will be interpreted as failed.