Wine for guest lecturers

Guest Lecturers, in general, do not receive any payment for their services, but get a small token of appreciation in the form of a bottle of wine.
In order to acquire this bottle of wine, an email must be send to Pia Sødequist in Learning Support ( with:

  • Name of guest lecturer
  • Workplace of the guest lecturer
  • On which course the lecture will take place
  • When you need the wine

It is necessary to send this e-mail in due time, so there is time for the wine to be ordered.

Extraordinary fees

If for some extraordinary reason, the guest lecturer is to be paid a fee/remuneration, you need to do the following:

  • Request an approval from your Head of Programme, who should in turn request an approval for the budget from the Head of Studies. Both must be in writing (e-mail).
  • Fill out remuneration form. Fill out your part and request that your guest lecturer fills out his/her part of the remuneration form. The form can be downloaded here.
  • Send the filled out remuneration form (OBS: in Word format) and the two (written e-mail) approvals to Pia Sødequist in Learning Support (

OBS: Important reg. recurring fees agreements
It is up to the individual Study Programmes and Course Managers to keep track of any (repeated) agreements concerning guest lecturers and fees, and it is the responsibility of the Course Manager and the Study Programmes to request the fee payment from Head of Studies.