Basic Information about Courses

For each course there must exist a minimum of information, corresponding to a number of fields in the course base.
The Course Manager cannot edit this information directly - if the information is wrong or missing please contact Student Affairs and Programmes.

Basic information is:

Identification of the course by the following four points:
  • The study programme / education that the course belongs to
  • The responsible board of studies
  • The semester where the course is offered.
  • Course codes are given to all courses by Student Affairs and Programmes

Course title in Danish.
Danish course titles follow the recommendations of the Danish Language Council:
  • Only the first word first letter written in capital
  • All other words in lower case letters
  • Abbreviations in lower case such as it, cd, pda, dvd etc.

Course title in English.
English course titles follow English spelling:
  • Nouns, adjectives and pronouns spelled with a capital initial letter
  • All other words are written with lower case initial letter
  • Abbreviations are written with capital letters, for example IT, DVD, PDA, etc.

The course framework, understood as:
  • ECTS of the course
  • The language of teaching and exam
  • These are typically established by a resolution of the Board of Studies or subject area team.

Resources, weekday, etc.:
  • Student Affairs and Programmes is involved in scheduling courses, so weekdays and time slots are often set even before the course has been described.